Ayn Rand: Philosopher or Witch?

I noticed some schizos here looked up to her. I am wondering what they think about her Master Plan…

obviously a witch

I worked for Ayn’s lover, Nathaniel Branden in the late '70s and became very familiar with not only Ayn (who was gone by then) but the ethos of those around her. I also knew her biographer, Nathan’s ex-wife, Barbara, whose book was ultimately made into a feature film starring the great Helen Mirren.

I came away from the experience confused and flip-flopping from the all-right vs. all-wrong / all-good vs. all-evil conflicts I had about Ayn and her Objectivism.

Over time, I came to be able to take the best and leave the rest.

To put it simply- an ignorant twat.

I’m a Rand fan who is in the uncomfortable position of being a moocher this month. Working towards being a producer again.


More considered response…

The only work of Rand’s that I’ve read is Atlas Shrugged, which was an ‘okay’ piece of SF. There were some themes in there that resonated for me. There was also some rubbish. The same can be said of L.E. Modesitt Jr. (Parafaith Wars & Ethos Effect) and Robert Heinlein (Starship Troopers). I think one needs to be wary of any SF author who fanices themself a prophet, with Mr. Hubbard (Dianetics) coming to mind most strongly.

I believe in personal responsibility. I also believe in charity. The best piece of advice that ever came from a movie or book is “Be excellent to each other!” (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure).

That’s as far as I take things. I’m not going to try and conform my life to bad SF dialogue or plots ever again – I have meds for that now.


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My first impression after listening to that interview with Mike Walace was that she appears to have been a bit delusional. Maybe it was just her fame that made her come across that way. I am delusional because of what I believe. I could probably write a book myself although I have no desire to sell anyone something that is meant to help this world. That is why I write only on this forum.

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Barbara B. said Ayn was slipping into dementia by then. Ayn had been exceedingly angry for years (which, when followed by dementia, is sometimes indicative of Alzheimer’s). She and Nathaniel had known her “when,” and were very upset to see her become a semi-delusional, paranoia-projecting, blaming bitch.

The motion picture does a pretty fair job of illustrating the downward progression.

BTW, there would have been no “self-esteem” movement in psychotherapy had Ayn not influenced Nathan in the way she did. If one was in the game in the '70s, self-esteem was a very significant new tool in the toolbox.

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Oddly enough, this just popped up on my FB Timeline. Apropos, oui?

(Have to say it was lousy film. Still amazed it didn’t kill the franchise.)


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Robert Downey Jr. was – by direct observation – a very hard-core objectivist / libertarian in the '90s, at least.

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Funny I just saw the Mad Men episode where the head boss brings Don Draper into his office and Hans him a check. He’d been reading Atlas Shrugged and he is trying to be John Gault I guess, or maybe Daphne? I forget who the characters are.

Mooching is the future considering infinite growth on a finite planet is suicide. Also considering robotics and automation is gonna erase so. Many jobs

Agreed. Also, I’m not completely in tune with Rand as to what constitutes producing and/or mooching. I’m dealing with bruised ego right now because I’ve gone from being the family’s sole financial supporter to playing a very minor role at the moment. Canada is in the early stages of what will be a nasty recession and my personal business provides a service that most sane people cut from their discretionary spending when times are tight.

Time are now tight.

So I’m job hunting, and it’s not going the way I’d like it to. This has further bruised the ego and it has been a tough month. We’ll be okay as my wife has a good job and it is stable, but I’m not dealing with my own situation as gracefully as I could be. I hope no one else here thinks I’m implying they are moochers – the comment was self-directed.


Rand was such a Capitalist that she had a bush beside her grave in the shape of a dollar sign.

I was brain washed in early 20’s. I did read Barbara’s bio, as well as Ayn’s works.