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My 16 year old daughter asked her new boyfriend “When did you find out Santa wasn’t real?”

He’s 16 as well and replied, "WHAT?? SANTA ISN’T REAL?!

I told my daughter that it was okay. She didn’t ruin his Christmas…she just wrecked it a lot! lol!

Her boyfriend is a sweet country boy and I think he had been sheltered from reality by his parents.

I know it’s hard to believe that he still felt Santa was real, but my daughter was crushed when she realized she told him that.

He had to have been joking.


I’m sure he was joking :rofl:



My daughter told me it was legit…that he still thought Santa was real.


Next you’ll be telling me the tooth fairy isn’t either. :grin:


I know…some fat bearded guy flying through the sky on a sled tossing out toys? And at the age of 16 he still bought into it??

It’s stunning, but true!

That’s can’t be real. He must have been kidding.



Like I said, he’s a sheltered country boy and his parents would put “From Santa” on all of his presents.

I think it’s really awesome and somewhat fascinating that he still believed. There’s hope for mankind, after all.

My daughter is dating the Elf Guy!! lol!

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Tell him I have some beach front property in Florida that I’ll sell him for cheap.

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He was not serious! No way! Sheltered or not he had to have been kidding.


I’m being dead serious. My daughter almost started crying when she felt she ruined it for him!

Hmm…I wonder if he’s also a member of the Flat Earth Society as well! lol!

I actually believe in the ‘spirit’ of Santa.

I bet back in the day, there was a kind, bearded old man from a town who would give out toys to local children at Christmas time…then it became the stuff of lore…and took off into our modern day fairy tale.

Come off it. This isn’t April 1st. A 16 year old believing in magic! I can’t suspend my disbelief for your sincerity, especially with your track record. :smiley:

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wait, so hes not real? :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

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I mean it’s not that odd… Also… Like 90% of us have believed way weirder things…

It feels mean to make fun of this

My Dad use to tell me made up crap that I believed until I was older haha

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