Awkward Racist Moments

A couple months ago I was outside working on my yard. A older black man drove by and said, “This neighborhood was much nicer before all the blacks moved in.” I had no idea wtf to say or do (I’m white).

Also, I swear that my dog doesn’t like black people. Wtf.

Have any of you had any awkward racist moments before?

My grandfather was really racist. He used to pass by black people and yell “Go to your homeland” …

OMG! That would get you shot in the USA!

His car was always scratched and sometimes some flat tires

Heh. It sounds like he’s lucky that’s the worst that happened to him.

I live in the south, there are racists everywhere. It’s not uncommon to see people drive by with confederate flags.

Yep. I told him that a million times. He was an idiot. Loved me and all and I’m grateful for all the help but he wasn’t the nicest person outside the family

Portugal has major racism problems?

Some, but not like the US, not even by a long shot

Where is the most racist place in Europe? It seems like I’ve seen a lot of news about racism in netherlands and the scandinavian countries recently. Granted, I don’t pay a lot of attention to EU’s issues.

I would say germany, but maybe its prejudice saying it. They have a lot of different cultures there now, and there’s still a bunch of nazis doing stupid stuff. With this refugee crisis people showed a lot of racism also. It was sickening. Most of them are just ignorant, not that easy to ignore. I ended up having the most stupid facebook fights over some really basic stuff.

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They’ve been very welcoming to the refugees, from what I hear

Now, after so much pressure. But first there were fires in the refugee camps. A lot of mess going on.
The government there is right wing also, so it’s difficult to say for sure.

Oh, they had talked pretty positively about germany on John Oliver

Right. It seems like I recall a politician in Germany getting her face slashed with a knife recently? Also a neo-nazi attacked some arabs dressed like darth vader I think?

A long time ago when I was in the army there was this one guy in our platoon who came right out of a William Faulkner novel. He said his grandfather owned land in Mississippi that he had black share croppers to work for him. This guy said his grandfather kept them there with the bull whip and the shot gun. This guy had a knack for pissing people off, and not just black people. One night he got beat up, but it was by white people, not black people.

Good, it sounds like he got what he deserved!

Yeah, but the media is always a bit deceptive. Facebook posts have a lot of power now, people start complaining a lot the governments change strategies… It’s been positive because the people are making it positive. Because if it was by what it was suppose to be it would be a lot different.

No one, and i mean no one, is racist towards the eskimo.

Why is this?

I’m sure there are some people. Alaska is known for being pretty ignorant.