Awkward comment(don't read if your not comfortable,it's about sex,

You’d have to had been with a woman to know that.

Go to college, it might happen there.


No, put an ad for yourself on craigslist, that’s how I became a little deviant ■■■■■■

you sound curious. Well evolutionary psychology says that you should be. I sorted that stuff out last semester, I needed to. Now I just casually hook up with friends with benefits, that’s probably what will happen if you have a nice body but are mentally ill, I hate to say that but my life just proves it true (N=1) inter-rater reliability needs to be established, basically pseudo science due to a sample size of less than thirty

But hey, people have totally had sex with me and made it clear that they don’t want to date me. There are hookup apps like tinder (or grindr if you are gay). Other people need sex too. Craigslist has lots of people looking for casual sex.

Oh wait,everyone needs sex, the ones who dont have been brainwashed or are abnormal. Healthy adults and teenagers are sexually driven. Don’t feel like you are a freak, you are just human. It’s natural selection, it’s evolution, it’s a prominent theory that has been examined and is taught pretty much to be fact. Just try taking anthropology at a university, they will teach evolution like atheists would.

In fact, the truth is that we are great apes, a species in the family of hominidae, right next to gorillas.

I am a great ape, albeit a mentally ill and ironically intelligent great ape. Great apes have impulses to breed and compete, we are both a tournament and pair-bonding species. I just embrace it, I might just have to accept it after being sexually repressed for the vast majority of my life. If that means casual sex and lifting weights, so be it, I need it. Going without until I was 20 was just unhealthy. I have a casual friend right now who I had sex with who has said she wants to do it again. It’s a little awkward because she’s my friends sister but hey, I cant resist dark red hair and blue eyes and tattoos. She also has scars which for some reason make me like her more. It’s what mammals do, they have sex.

I hope you get somewhere with this, I used to be sexually frustrated and it was hell to be that and psychotic and traumatized. The guy who evaluated me wrote all about my problem with females in his assessment. I was given a copy of it as well as the other doctors I had been seeing. I’m ■■■■■■ up and proud of it. I think normal people who have no respect for me living with being ■■■■■■ up deserve no respect back. I just have to accept what I think is ■■■■■■ up, but it’s really not, it’s easily explained by a clinical psychologist, someone who has a PhD in understanding what people like me experience.

Dude, it’s something that will consume you if you don’t get it out of your system. I suggest pursuing it, you never know if you don’t go.

sex is awesome and I prescribe it to everyone

I hope that enlightens you. I could ramble on about what I have learned about sex in humans but it gets taboo with examples of what tribal people do, basically stuff that is frowned up or in some cases illegal in the US. But hey, people are out there doing it. Ok I will just rephrase what Robert Sapolsky said- there is some tribe that has men be warriors protecting livestock until they are like 20 something and then wed them to like thirteen year old females. That’s disgusting to people in the US but just ask the tribal people what they think about it. Theyve been doing it for longer than we have been getting married and then divorced in half of marriages. Another tribe doesnt have marriage, people just sleep around in huts until they find someone to stick with and they never really set a contact.

Robert Sapolsky is the man. He would probably think I am boring, he has seen much “worse” and found it interesting.

Just make sure she’s 18, I have a 20 year old friend with a 17 year old girlfriend and I disowned him a bit for that. She had just turned 17 when he met he started dating her. That and the fact that he got her to do hard drugs. I came across them at little gatherings over the summer and was like dude, not ok, you make me feel like a better person though, thanks.

I am 21. I had never kissed a girl until I was 20 1/2. I have had sex with five people in the past year and kissed more people than that by almost double. I think what I am trying to say is to be careful about making your mind up. When I make my mind up, things happen. That is why I am remarkable. You might not be like that, but I am known for actually doing what I impulsively say I will on a whim.

Just don’t get a disease. Have at thee. And try to just revel in it, it’s natural. You eat food, right? You sleep, right? You workout, you said? I see something missing.

But dont get addicted to it, I started to get addicted to the first person I had sex with and luckily I then got a crush on another person which made me lose interest. That and she was what my psychologist called batshit crazy. When you drop what you are doing at 11pm on a weeknight and rush to a young lady’s apartment with a bunch of condoms, and you have been doing that whenever she invites you over for weeks on end, you might look a lot like someone rushing to go get drugs, because you basically are. It reminded me of my drug and alcohol days, rushing to dealers when they said they had the goods. Drug behavior is a class at my school, I took the honors section of it while binge drinking every night.

if you really make up your mind that you want to lose your virginity, are good-looking and have social skills that pass, you might just find what you are looking for. I sure as hell did. Been there, done that, life goes on.

If you really want to you could go to a massage parlour with extras lol

I usually go if it has been a while. I have no qualms with it. A man has needs lol

Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton (discovered gravity), Joan of Arc, and Mother Teresa all died virgins, but if you are really desperate then wear protection, and don’t give out to much info unless it becomes an authentic friendship.

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My first was special and I wish the same for you. You could put an add up for no strings attached fun or find an experienced professional? But I feel like either of those could be bad ideas. You could end up with a messy situation with a non pro and a pro could end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. My advice is to work on things so that a relationship doesn’t seem out of the question. Once that’s rolling, it’ll come naturally and be more meaningful. ohhh, the puns that could be made out of my post are cracking me up! But I won’t go there :smile:

I’ve always said… when I go looking for love/ sex… I find chaos…
When I look for friendship… I find love.


Guys for some reason feel this horrible pressure to lose their virginity as fast as possible. There’s literally no reason why you should feel compelled to do this. It doesn’t make you any less of a man, and there’s nothing wrong with or embarassing about being a virgin. (No matter what the media says. Seriously there was a whole Disney movie that revolved around teasing the main guy for being a virgin. Wtf Disney?! Why are you giving that message to kids?!)

A lot of people who just rush to lose their virginity with some random stranger vs waiting to lose it with someone they actually care for end up really regretting it. (Not everyone, I’ve just had friends and have heard of others who rushed and regretted it). I say you should find someone who you care about and take your time. That way it will actually mean something instead of being some awkward experience with some random stranger.


Quick note about prostitution because I see people mentioning it.

This is a very, very bad thing to do. And not because “ew prosititutes unholy” but because of sex trafficking. Many, many prostitutes are not performing sex acts willingly, they are being forced to by a pimp. They may put on a smile and say they’re having a good time, but in reality many of those women are horrifically abused if they don’t do these things by whoever “owns” them. Many prosititutes are also underage and will lie about their age.

There is no way of knowing if the prostitute you get is a slave or not. I’m serious, these women are kept in abhorrent conditions, abused, brainwashed, etc. Many were tricked away from their homes and families. The reason why the sex trafficking industry thrives is because the clients of sexworkers are oblivious to who’s doing it voluntarily and who’s not, and end up unknowingly filling the pockets of sex traffickers and pimps. (“Massage” parlors are a favorite setup of illegal traffickers! They’ll offer immigrants a new life in the USA and say they’ll pay for everything only to force them into sex work at these places!!)

Please, please, please do not support sex trafficking. Women, children (and men!) are suffering, and will continue to suffer as long as the cash keeps coming.


Sounds more like you haven’t really been dating the best women.

Generalization is a dangerous thing…women have said the exact same things you said, only they’re about men.

I like to take the moral high road too, but in this case I would have to say that I disagee a little.

What do you mean?

Sorry, I cut myself off.

I don’t think the age you lose your virginity makes you more of a man or less of a man. But it’s one of those things as you go through life as a guy that comes up rarely in guys conversations, but when it does, the age you lose your virginity marks you and it will stick in other guys minds about you. Like it or not, sometimes losing your virginity is important and it’s a status thing. It needs to be done as soon as possible. Like it or not, it’s always been ingrained in guys mind and you can’t avoid thinking about if you tried. And something like that, that is ingrained weighs heavy. Blame it all on society if you want. But Gtx is a typical guy and proves what I’m saying. Just the fact that he writes about it so much shows what a typical guy is all about. He can’t help but think about it. That’s just the way it. The last thing he needs is pressure from me. And I hope he gets lucky soon. It will be one less problem he has. I wish him luck. Yeah, blame it on society.


Yes I understand that it’s ingrained socially into guys that they need to lose their virginity to look good and be considered a man or whatever. My point is that we are NEVER going to break that unless people start going against it and fighting that peer pressure.

I’m not talking about the urge to have sex. Like if you want to have sex because you want to have sex, that’s obviously totally natural, no societal pressures there haha. But if you want to have sex because you’re obsessing over your virginity and it’s making you feel like a loser, then yes that’s something that’s beat into guy’s heads by our culture, and it’s something that won’t change until guys work against that.

My point is no one should ever feel pressured to have sex just because they’re ashamed of being a virgin.


Yeah there is to much pressure in general put on everybody.

Society of competition.

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I was brought up with a few general principles: don’t ever feel guilty, and I saw through competition and a lot of other society mechanisms early in life, and discarded them all, decided to make my own way in life and not allow these things a grip on my behaviour.

Did it make things easier? No not really. It just gave me a different set of reactions to most people, and a different set of priorities. It set me apart in some ways, you don’t follow the stream anymore. It also gives you a uniquely different perspective, and a different way to reach wisdom.

Yeah, disregard society just to wind up schizo…

They follow the trend because its safe. It takes great strength to do what you did, but it also assures you’re a genuine human individual, not the product of societal construction. You’re a future person o_O.

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Thank you, that’s a real compliment :smile: In some ways it has allowed me to do what I want, set my own goals in life, give something back to the things I used to enjoy as a child and make a career out of it. In other ways it wasn’t so useful in connecting with people of the opposite sex, who all had certain unwritten expectations while I was doing something a bit different.

In the end it taught me a great respect for mankinds built in drives and instincts. You ignore this stuff at your peril. Your sex drive is there to make you get with suitable ladies. This means you end up in a family. There different instincts kick in, making you go gaga over your babies. Eventually there’s a mature parental aspect for mentoring young people, allowing you to pass on your wisdom when you get older. Each step has challenges, joys and instincts that are hard wired into the human being, to reward you, get you pointed in the right direction, and allow you to contribute to the tribe.

You bypass these things at your peril. Doing so means dropping a great deal of human meaning from your life.

Yeah I get that. Sometimes though being different helps with getting girls, they’re all worn out of dating those from the flock.

The casual mundane conversations are still tough. We’re not alone though, there are girls out there who did the same thing we did.