Awful awful thing I did when I was 17

well when I was a youth I was a bit of a raver I don’t know if that’s what they’ll call it now adays but I got myself into a bit of trouble due to drugs and psychosis. this is kinda a glimpse into the reality that struck my hometown summerside new years eve 2008 and whats its like to live with a such a gear grinding thing like schizophrenia and have this in my planetary existence.

I’d rather be known for my blueberry waffles.

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at least no=one got hurt, do you think that this had an effect on your condition?

I remember having an adrenaline flashback of that experience a few years later in a phycosis and basically it was when I was watching the movie collateral damage when the taxi driver basically decides and says “■■■■ IT IM DRIVING THIS THING TILL THE ASS FALLS OFF” and I could see it in his eyes he was being forced into suicide and it just gave me a settling thought of reality… maybe I was trying to kill myself… which was a largely proportioned fantasy at that age for me. then to this day my little altered reality and delusion tell me it was a near death experience brought on by reckless behaviour and hey that means you know what your doing. but it was something bigger then that… I almost like feel the other peoples near death experience. in the respect that its a reality… a memory… and it is proportioned properly in my head. I know one thing at the age of 17 and not an adult yet it begs the question would you do something if you could get away with it? my reality of it begs that question… what am I capable of but ultimately I just tell myself I’m an opportunist (please hear this as an adrenaline junky sort of manner) and when I see freedom I run for it :open_mouth:

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