Awful anxiety

Just had to go through around 4 hours of brother’s graduation. Not a pleasant time because of my dad. It’s not that he really did anything but I can’t be around him without feeling incredibly tense, especially in public settings. I never know if he’s going to explode or something is going to set him off and a couple of times he came close. I was also worried about my final tomorrow morning. I have anxiety so bad that I am heavily shaking right now and can’t focus to study even though we are back home. I wish I could have just enjoyed my brother’s graduation. My dad has a demon in him that terrifies me because I never know if he’s going to keep it under control or not.

I’m sorry you’re feeling so anxious. Can you maybe listen to music for a half hour to wind down and de-stress. Then do some light studying to get in the mind set for your exam and then get a good night’s rest. I bet your brother really appreciated your going to his graduation. Hugs!