Awesome shows that ended horribly. Not cancelled, like they ran the whole thing into the ground

So many of my favorite shows have a last season I don’t even watch.

I don’t know why they can’t go out on a high note most the time.

Which show offended you with it’s ending?

I’m unfortunately going to have to nominate my two favorite shows.

The Wire and Oz.

The Wire’s last season was clearly a surprise.

They pretty much wrapped it up and ended the entire season well in season 4.

Season 5 was just weird ■■■■■■■■ and killing off characters for fun.

Same can be said of Oz.

I was so invested and the last season just about killed me.

I’ll never forget you Cyril!!


The wire was good imo.

Lost was weird as f last seasons.


I think the writers of Lost forgot they had to actually have a plot.

It was a good show, but when they had to pull it all together,

They couldn’t.


I can’t remember the full last seasons of this show, its been awhile, but I remember “Heroes” had a very interesting first season and then progressively fell apart in last seasons. I dont think they truly ever had an ending. I think they talked about a movie to wrap up, but it never materialized.

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The show lost.1515

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Heroes was like a ■■■■ version of lost

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Quantum Leap!

He never got home after all that nonsense!


I guess after reading your full title “not cancelled” , maybe this show doesnt qualify, but its the first thing that popped into my head after a preliminary scan of topic.

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It’s fair if they ran it into the ground before being cancelled.

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I don’t know if its my negatives or what, but I find the new Quantum Leap boring as hell.

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The advertisements look good.

I guess that’s what the ads are for.

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Ran it into the ground… all those tgif shows like Sabrina the teenage witch…they had the actors still on by the time they were going grey.

This one doesn’t totally count because it’s a great show,

I just got depression from the ending.


I loved that show and cried my little eyes out that last episode.

You never expect it from a comedy about dinosaurs.

But it was always kind of dark too.

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Boy meets world

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Dinosaurs is a Jim Henson production. Love it

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Do you remember the episode about steroids wooooah

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I love it too.

Also the voice of Jessica Walter.

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giphy (9)

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Arrested Development.

Great show,

Horrible reboot.

However this will still be one of my favorite lines ever said on television:


When you think about it the show is really weird lol and the dinosaur obsession of the 90s is even weirder

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