Awesome Potatoes and Beans for Breakfast with Black Coffee :d

I live this meal more and more. I can’t believe how good it is; “Western.”

Every other day I boil a pot of beans and rice, and I store it in the fridge. Soaked the beans over night first.

Then twice a day I drop a table spoon of organic Coconut oil on a pan. Take out a bowl of them beans and rice viddles, and tuck it to the side of a pan in a heap.

Then I take one potato or maybe two if twos small, and I slice into 1/2" gems. I spread those out across the other side of the pan careful to make sure they all fit down flat even cut them down further to fill in the tight spots.

Put the heat down on very low, and set the timer for 7 minutes.

That’s when I spread out the beans and rice on plate, I carefully nudging but not disrupting the potato gemmies. Put the pan back on the teensy weensy fire, and lay down a lid for it.

Then I set the timer for 3 more minutes.

In the mean time I take some finally ground sea salt and garlic (ground in my Mr. Coffee grinder), and I sprinkle a puncher over the top by the fingers. I lightly layer it with a fine black pepper just enough to bark but not enough to kill because I wanted to eat not git choked out. I do live on a lot of black pepper.

So then I cop a mighty, cool, glass of filtered water with the fine qualydees of E-Mergency vityman blend and two caps of Bragg’s Organic apple cider vinegar along, and…

…with a tall glass of black caste coffee…organique.

The 3 minute timer jingles me back into the kitchen, and I carefully bust the taters off of the skillet, so I don’t destroy them. Sprinkle out a punch of salt and garlic over them and a rash of fine grain black pepper too. I don’t leave anything in the pan. Any kind of grimmy and crunchy bits are much needed; more to chew about.

Tater gemmies are cooked only one side to a decent crisp…

…because this is not a Julia Child Spectaculoso Show. I’m just eatin’ not looking for symmetries. :wink:

  • You look for new, cheap recipes and flavorings to cook for yourself.
  • You don’t cook for yourself.

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What are some of your favorite cheap eats that you cook for yourselves?

I do some light cooking lately, mainly stovetop and microwave preparations.
Once in a while I’ll cook a full meal.

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sounds good. a job well done

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I started liking cooking, and I find that I’m good at it.

Also my tastes are fairly universal as in if I were to cook for other people, I know what is going to sock them in the “feel good” so hard each step of their meal. I can’t mess it up.

One thing I learned about most anything anyone does is that if you practice first, then you will do it right. So if I start a new recipe, i will practice it or “research” it until I know that I can slap it out all together with all parts of the different burners and operations on the counters while dishes are getting done at the same time in an orchestration that complete not only all together and timely but in organized fashion without a heaping, crazy mess.

But I mean if I just thought of a good idea, and went at it, I don’t know how it’s going to taste or come out because I don’t know all of the “language of the cooking process” to do it and the “accents on all of the” levels of ingredients, heat, time on the heat, and flavors."

I always make sure it’s organic too, so that it is “powerful.” :slight_smile:

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I’m mostly vegan, so, all my eats are cheap. But I like beans, salsa, and avocado. It’s easy, cheap, fast, and yummy. Chili fried potatoes are harder, but very yummy. Just not much protein, so you need to have some veggie sausage too (I like tofurkey).

Chili fried potatoes:

fry sliced potatoes, sliced mushrooms and diced onions. Add chili seasoning mix and salt. Can also add oregano and basil.

Also like frying up sliced fennel, then add a little water and veggie bullion cube.

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Have you ever heard of “aquafaba?”

I have seen vegan cooks using garbanzo bean flour as for things like pancakes.

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I like the Jardine’s salsas out of Texas. They definitely have some good taste, and they don’t need any antsyficyal ingredients to make it do its trick.


Wass up dma and mood… Merry xmas to u…

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