Away for a few days

Some of you know I’ve been dealing with a medical issue with my arm. It’s been getting worse, and now my doctor recommends no more typing for a week or so. So, I will be unresponsive until September 10 or so. If you have a concern, don’t private message me because I won’t be able to respond. You can talk to @Rhubot, @Moonbeam, @anon9798425, or @SzAdmin. I will still check in occasionally, but I won’t type anything.

Don’t worry, it’s not super serious. I’m just in a lot of pain.


I hope your arm gets better soon.


Get well soon! :heart:


Haha @ninjastar is off now … haha no one can ban me… haha…!!! Take care and get well soon…:monkey_face:


no doubt, I think it comes down hard from her,

no worries,

hope your arm heals up.

wow, that’s awful…I am so sorry your arm hurts so much…

Lots of pain is still pretty serious. I hope some time to rest up it’s enough to help. :heart:


My arm has been hurting me for months now.
My family doctor isn’t taking it seriously.
He’s dismissing it as me sleeping in the wrong position.

It still hurts to this very day.

Hope you start feeling better soon @ninjastar.

Hang in there. You will be missed :blush:

Hope it gets better soon. Take care.


I hope you feel better soon.

Get well soon, I will try to behave :innocent::crazy_face:

Well @ninjastar we don’t want you to lose your moderating skills in the next two weeks. Practice suspending @PatrickT and @Resilient1 into a tape recorder and then play it back ten times a day to keep yourself sharp til you get back.


@ninjastar hope your arm feels better !

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