Aw hell, now I feel bad

I asked my sister what her and her boyfriend wanted for Christmas. I told her I had no idea what to get them because they both have good jobs and they already have everything they need. She agreed and I said, “What about a food gift?” She told me her boyfriend likes dark chocolate which was perfect because I bought a couple boxes of dark chocolate off of Amazon a year ago and I still have them. So I wrapped up 5 big chocolate bars.

My sister said she wanted peanut butter malt balls from Whole Foods. It closed at 7:00 pm tonight and I made it over at 6:00 pm. They no longer carried malt balls or hardly any candy so I picked out 3 bags off specialty candy. Their selection was poor and now I’m afraid my sister got me something really good and all I got her was three small bags of candy. Christmas only comes once a year and now I’m kicking myself that I didn’t plan ahead and get here something good. I’ll probably feel terrible tomorrow morning when I go over my sisters house for breakfast.


I wouldn’t worry Nick. If they already have what they need things aren’t so bad


That they probably really need is a good visit with you @77nick77 so I wouldn’t sweat it.



I have the same issue with my family…they have all they need or want and always tell me they don’t want anything for Xmas or birthdays, so I always feel like I can’t give them anything as nice as they give me. Still, they do love it when I give them a handmade or original gift, like Xmas ornaments made out of baked clay and hand painted… I’m no artist, but they appreciate the effort.


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