Avoiding unnecessary sufferingby avoiding other people with illnesses andsocial problems

send like I give a lot of those people in and out my door it was a magnet for thisprobably I’m a Pisces anyway people come to me wanting things all the timecan you feed me can you tell me where to go and get this can you tell me where to go to get that can you give me a ridecan you tell me how the deal with this or deal with thatthe fact is is I need to keep my stress level low because I have schizophrenia does that seem to matter to you I mean individual was asking a questionthere are several ways to accomplish this the cold shoulder is not one of themjust simply state that you do not have the time for such things as the moment they need help there is places that you can go I’m sure you know themand just leave it at that if they’re really not that bright then call 911 or or their parents or guardians I probably don’t have friends so don’t worry about thatanyway how do you avoid negative people so askyou don’t unfortunately

That’s the longest sentence that I have ever seen.

Funny, it seems as though the privileged avoid those who are suffering, thus in turn, the suffering depend upon the suffering.

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I hate to say it, but I’ve avoided helping others when I don’t even feel like I can help myself.

I’ve avoided people with other problems because I’m sort of too busy with my own. I’m not trying to be mean, I just don’t feel I have the power to help others… when I do have the power, sometimes I just don’t feel I have the ability.

I have a brother who recently got diagnosed as bipolar 1 and I do tend to avoid him. Something about the situation… I have a hard time being around him right now. I’m working on it.