Average Exceptional

“Strive to be an average person, not an exceptional one!” Dr. Abraham Low. Our symptoms may seem interesting to us, but they are harmful to us. Bragging about harmful symptoms is harmful.


That’s some wisdom!

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I just find it funny that his name is Dr. Low.…and he’s quoted about telling you to strive for less and be average. It’s ironic. They say you quite often live up to your name…that your name is your destiny.


That’s good wisdom. I try not to compare myself to others anymore, although I did when I was younger I guess. Now I just try to be.

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I like the quote but I find it quite confusing. I mean you can be exceptionally disabled, and whose bragging? So exceptional in what sense? And how is average? What is normal? Seems like a weird dichotomy. I think one can be jealous or envious of exceptionality going in the other direction away from disability if they are to be consider two distinct poles… ive seen distinct qualities in the most vulnerable and disabled and someoneelse would consider them abnormal. So they are shifted intk governmental programs of ‘correction’. And this is how supremacists get their way? Seems more complicated. I doubt normality. But im kind of sympathetic of people who cannot help identifying with who they are. At least that way they can be seen and heard and dint have to hide necessarily. I mean this breaks dont for me in the sense of all the ways individuality has to be good or bad. Is there a ‘we’. Seems political and idealistic. And moralistic. Free speech. Seems something to strive for else Im seeing sliding into Victorian histories or worse… so i think i see the quote as discriminatory. God is dead. Nevertheless? Kind of weird that.