Automaton (hands-free all the way!)

Currently experimenting with automating a radio station:

The software I’m using is free from…

The tricky part was getting the Wordpress plugin on the Website to pass requests through my firewall at home to the back end database on the system you see in the pic.

Off from work today as I injured my back on a delivery Tuesday. Nothing too serious, but the boss wants me to rest up.



:):slight_smile: and what about our discuss on arrrrr me hardy(don’t want it to kick off again). A person who is a DJ , a web developer , a whiz with teck and software and pays for it all. Am I being cheeky :wink:

It’s not as expensive as people think. Don’t buy bleeding edge stuff. A lot of my computers are salvaged from the electronics recycling depot and repaired with either salvaged or cheap parts. I buy CDs in bulk wholesale and rip them. I usually wind up with enough dupes that I can sell the extras for $1 or $2 apiece at the annual yard sale and make back what I spent on the original bulk lot. Excellent way to get legit music.

Both my wife and I work. I own a media biz and can write this stuff off against my income tax because there is 100% crossover between podcasting and DJing. So, yeah, I’ve got some toys, but it’s not as expensive as it looks, and it’s possible to do it all above board.



I was going to say , come to the dark side.
But instead…kudos , those are admirable qualities

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