Automatic Minds

We have automatic minds for at least 70%. That means we can’t do much for our mental health.
We will have few little moments when we enjoy our lives and our meds are taking care we feel like zombies.
All the sh*t will be served to us continuesly and we need to tolerize it day after day.
I quess I need to grow myself a really huge EGO and not let this all hurt me.

Or does anyone know any better way?


I was worse-off when I was young and didn’t have the coping mechanisms that I have now. I have auditory and visual hallucinations that over the years I have learned to ignore for the most part. Many of the things that terrified me before get no reaction now. It has taken a long time, but my repetitious responses to things have become my automatic responses.

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I’m learning to think to myself “Don’t be angry.”

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