Autoimmune encephalitis or schizophrenia?

Hi everyone. I wanted to ask you if it could be that my diagnosis is wrong.
I explain why.
I managed to prevent psychotic breakouts by taking 4 mg of rivotril (clonagin).
I consciously realize that I am starting to have little paranoid ideas, like the outbreak somehow begins. I take the 4mg of rivotril and it goes away. It’s already been 6 times that I managed to prevent an outbreak.
And there is something that strikes me and it is that whenever I am about to break out, my body temperature rises.
Could it be that my diagnosis is wrong?

I don’t know what happened to you, but when I had my second episode apparently the general hospital ruled out as many physical explanations for my psychosis.

They then sent me to the psych ward once they were satisfied it was not a physical problem causing psychosis

I’d hope this is standard practise, as many things can trigger it off that are physical in nature…

If you have concerns, please speak to your doctors about this

I have never heard of the illness you describe, but I have seen the autoimmune explanation hit the forum before

Maybe it is such, but whatever works for you explore it

My opinion is a lot of it is psychological when it comes to meds

If you don’t believe and you lack insight, you are waiting for Santa to come down your chimney still - and trust me, it will never happen

We have to trust in the medication, as it has brought our people from being worse than prisoners in society just 50 or so years ago…

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The problem is that I live with my parents and I don’t have a job. I told them about the clonazepam and since it’s not anywhere in the DSM, they don’t believe me. If I could go live alone and had a job, I would have already left.
Now I will go to a neurologist to do studies.

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