Autistic ppl strive towards something often never give up

They strive to be good at something, they often reach their goal. Especially high functioning autism, maybe exclusively. What If their goal is to be good socially??

they can’t become socially good because their brain abnormality wont let them just like us.

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High functioning autistics learn tricks, taught to them by medical professionals. They learn how to deal with social situations buy working through social cues most people take for granted. For that type, it just means extra work and attention.


You learn to make eye contact and drop a crap-tonne of money on Paul Ekman books. And you learn from them.

The downside is that you wind up able to tell when people are lying to you. This includes your own family members.


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Speak for yourself – I’m doing just fine at work.



thats great but u wont reach the level of sociability as before the illness

I was drunk or stoned a lot of the time before I developed SZ and I seem to remember getting punched and slapped around a fair bit. Haven’t had that problem for a quarter century now, so I must have improved somewhat.



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