Autism Level One - Not a 'Big Deal' - CPN

I had a massive fall out with my CPN.

He was basically telling me that Autism Level One is a bit much of nothing.

I can tell you, that upon reflection and processing of the information provided by the specialist, I am beyond angry with it taking so long to come about due to the impact of my social deficits not being recognised early enough.

That aside, the levels are only relating to how much support you require. I work ■■■■■■■ hard to keep my ■■■■ together, and I find it damn well insulting to be spoken to like that given how much effort I have put into trying to live the best I can.

He has demeaned me, and I am upset…

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I think they were probably well intentioned. They were trying to not worry you.

I understand what you’re saying. They may have meant well, but they are dismissing all you’ve been through, all the effort you put in, and it’s not easy!
Validation is important, but you’ll have to do that for yourself. They just don’t understand.

It really isn’t a big deal. I have aspergers. I would say in some communication aspects, I am above the average person.

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