Autism awareness

I remember the bullying that occurred on going to the private school equivalent of secondary school. The social rejection for being different. The difficulty coping with the increased expectations of being a teenager. The lack of confidence and self worth that came from incidences like other boys in the class directing monkey chants at me. I’ve learnt to cope a little better, but the psychological effects have never truly gone away. A situation compounded by a mental health system that has been largely more critical and judgemental than supportive. The response from mental health services here in Wiltshire has been a welcome exception to that.


I have experienced this also @firemonkey

After my diagnosis, I learned more about autism, and I could see this thing that had plagued me for years without proper treatment.

Other kids at school exploited me very badly, and no one stopped to help me out with a diagnosis at the time that would have meant life would have been much different.

Instead, I ended up getting taken in by drug addicts, as no one else wanted me. They took full advantage of me buying drugs for them with me thinking they were my friends - but they just pretended.

Even sat in a youth offenders institute at Felpham when I was just 16 years old for a month, the NHS on the hospital wing were all to quick to blame psychosis from the drugs, and overlooked any other potential issues

I was thrown back to the dogs momentarily and fell back into drugs, but this one guy from the youth offending team helped me more than any other human apart from family ever in my life

After a 12 month rehab in the community, I was reformed, and no longer suffered the ill will of others


we’ve been debating lately if those intellecetual disabilities, like MR, have also accrued autism.
My son never talked, but smiled real hard by 6 months. idk.
yeah, thanks.


I either have mild autism or I’m just an idiot. I might be an idiot. But really, I’m amazing.

Getting an autism assessment with my therapy I hope.

In case anyone is interested :smile: to know.


That’s how I got diagnosed with autism

The therapist suspected it after about 10 sessions


I hope it goes well for you.


@firemonkey I never in my life made fun of anyone who was different. It don’t make no kinda sense. If I woulda bullied anyone as a kid my ass woulda been blue cos I woulda got beat. My mother and my dad don’t play that!

@Loke Neither have I.

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