Autism and Borderline/Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder – Overlaps


Aspergers used to be thought of as a male condition, and that girls could not have it.

Turns out it looks different in girls and many go undiagnosed, some of them going on to receive another label instead, the highly stigmatized Borderline Personality Disorder. Interestingly, the majority of BPD diagnoses are women. I wonder how many of them are on the spectrum. My guess is a lot.

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your an autist right?

This is all so complicated.

So many things overlap

Like your post @firemonkey the other day where they’re trying to find more objective ways to dealing with people in Japan.

My mother said a colleague at works husband wanted an Autism assessment as their daughter just got diagnosed with it, but he has joined the two year waiting list.

I have found that even with a diagnosis, nothing has really changed for me. They sent me a document with out of date forums on it, and suggested I read a self-help book.

The only person who has changed her approach is my psychologist (Who referred me), but we have two sessions and that’s it, she retires. No more therapy.

My ASD apparently means that regular therapy will be limited in what it can do to help, as she says ASD is always going to be there, and a lot of coping strategies they use as psychologists just will not work.

I don’t know if I agree with that, but she’s the expert apparently.

It’s gutting to be given a diagnosis like that and not being given post support.

Just to think of all these people who have to wait 2 years for an answer, but then get no support after


Sorry, rant over

It took 26 years and moving to a new area, thus coming under a different MH trust, for it to be recognised I might be on the spectrum. From it being recognised to getting the dx was 7 months.

I got a post diagnosis information book. There are groups in neighbouring towns , but no way I can get to them on my own.

I’ve heard that about ASD and therapy from several other people.

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