Australians on the dsp

Any Australians on the dsp here?
I’m trying to get on. I have just lodged my forms and evidence what happens next? What’s the processing times like?

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I am on dsp but I’ve been on it except for a brief period from 2004. It was probably easier then and I’m unsure about the modern application process.

Be patient. Document everything and if you can have backup from a good shrink it helps. My doctor has been really good and he’s such a hardass. Important to keep on top of correspondence and I guess prove how it is hard to work!

Good luck to you. In the old days diagnosed sz was enough evidence to go on dsp… Times have changed.

I am on disability pension and I’m a Aussie.

I was rejected the first time when I said I only have Aspergers but approved the second time when I said I have schizophrenia.

My mum thinks I have Aspergers and she thinks that’s all I have so I did the first application as my mum told me to not disclosing schizophrenia which my mum refuses to accept I have.

Second time I did it without my mum and mentioned I have been diagnosed as schizophrenic by over seven psychiatrist.

I was so happy to be approved because it helps me so much.

It was so stressful for me having to go to employment agencies etc and just before I was hospitalised last time I was made to do a housekeeping course and I was to sick to do it but my employment agency didn’t understand that and told me to do it and I was hospitalised then.

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I have been on it since 2003 basically because I(have osteoarthritis in my neck. My son recently got DSP. It took nearly 3 months but he got back pay. He has mental problems so it can be done.