Australian folks where did ur Sarcisine comes from where do u buy..?

its has certain rules that stop supplement in Australia to pass through its border…i am pretty pissed …
some body plz help me…!!! how do u buy Sarcosine in Australia???

You can buy it in this site. Click the link to brain vitamins and purchase all the sarcosine you need. Get a po box in Nepal so it can’t be directly traced to your door. Then, my friend, you will have sarcosine

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though i will try…!!!

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Have it sent to Bhutan and go to the boarder and pick it up

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@anon84763962 @Dreamscape2 @metime @brucewillis

Have someone from Australia receive the package for you and then send it in an envelope to Tibet

I’ve never bought sarcosine

Presume it’s a classed as a medicine. Which means a prescription drug only.

Did come across this on Google. I don’t do stalkbook so no idea if helpful or not.

It gives me Sarcosine rage, so I don’t take it.

(I’ve never taken it actually. I’ve been off the site 'cause I ran out of data.)

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