Australia accused of discriminating against disabled migrants


Canada has a similar policy. Sad, but necessary.


The usual problem is people seeking to take advantage of a decent health system ( well it used to be) that is still relatively cheap or free. I’ve done the immigration thing to the US and it wasn’t so bad but the entrance appointments and tests were expensive as…In Australia that stuff is usually free.

I’m not sure of any western country that is accepting disabled people who’ll tax the health system…It’s sad but it’s a reality of the modern world. Health is expensive and people with existing conditions who haven’t put into the local system with taxes etc could be seen as freeloading on an already horribly overused system.

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Isn’t immigration a political topic? I saw ithe article posted earlier but hoped no one would respond and that would be it…

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im not thinking my best atm, but i htink Im just going to close and leave it there.

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