Auditory disfunction

So one of the problems I have had all my life before I ever was diagnosed with schizophrenia (hearing voices) was difficulty in locating auditory communication. What I mean is I have always had trouble understanding if someone is talking to me or not. Particularly if there are more than one person around.
I had an audiologist tell me I had something called auditory processing disorder.
Another example is my car alarm went off, I was right next to it and I thought it was someone else’s car.
Naturally this makes communication off for me which makes me isolated then depressed and anxious due to miscommunications.
So what do you think? Since the hallmark of schizophrenia is hearing voices and one could say that is a disfunction of processing in the auditory center of the brain, shouldn’t we focus on looking at schizophrenia as a brain injury of the auditory centers?
would welcome any input.


I don’t hear voices but have schizophrenia. So I think it’s more complex.

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Complicated topic.

Hallucinations do not have to come from brain damage. Usually auditory hallucinations are from mental illness but they can come from drugs or delirium or brain damage (called organic psychosis). The most common form of hallucinations from brain damage is visual hallucinations.

There are studies that suggest differences in brain anatomy and function in those suffering from schizophrenia. However, this association does not prove causation since we don’t have before and after tests. But it’s certainly worrisome.

from mental illness? I wonder what the exact definition of mental illness is? Is mental illness organic? Or is it emotional ? Why do we differentiate between “mental illness” and organic brain disease? Mental illness to me, and maybe its just my perception, but implies somehow the individual iis in control of the problem.

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You don’t hear voices? I thought that was a diagnostic criteria?


Nope it isn’t. I’ve been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

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Me too… I’m paranoid af… but I hear voices as well… like there is a girl at work that is very childish and laughs at me everytime that I walk by her cubicle which is the way to the exit… One of my voices tells me “she is making fun of you, she doesn’t like you, your ugly, your fat.” The other says “ I bet if you wait outside her bushes at her house until she comes home then jump out and whoop that bitches ass she won’t be laughing then” shrugs These silly voices

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As the years go by, those who work with the brain (neurologists) and psychiatrists have recognized they have a great deal in common. You can consider mental illness to be a brain disorder.

Mental illnesses are not just “all in your head” illness. They involve brain chemistry through abnormalities in neurotransmitters (such as dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, etc.). After all, how do medications help if “it is all in you head”?

Organic mental disorder is an older way of describing problems that are believed to be more fundamentally biological and brain-based mental disorders. For example, a patient who suffered a traumatic brain injury or is having agitation as part of a dementing disorder in which there are visible brain changes might be called organic, as opposed to anxiety related to a situation stressor.

I have APD, too, and it’s caused by my mental illness. I’m considered “deaf in noise” meaning I can’t understand people if there are too many other sounds going on. I also need things explained multiple times before I can process it. And it’s extremely hard for me to remember what people say and to understand what people really mean.

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Why do you say its caused by mental illness? Perhaps it’s the other way around the difficulties of communication caused the mental illness? In my personal case I believe this is true as I was always the kid that couldn’t talk to anyone and speech therapy wasn’t the answer. It is very sad to want to have friends but always being off with understanding and communicating. I didn’t get diagnosed with APD until I was over 40.

I had similar problems, especially with music lyrics.

Schizophrenia can screw up how you perceive and process external stimuli for sure but that’s just one component. There’s a major difference between problems with distinguishing “real” sounds vs auditory hallucinations. By definition a hallucination is something that isn’t “real” or something someone right next to you would hear as well and process differently.

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