Atypical AP's can prevent cognitive damage caused by sz

Theres your answer. Researching schizophrenia studies causes brain damage! :scream: :laughing:.

J/K of course.

On that much I can agree and I think it is good to be open minded about these things but not necessarily wrong to have a position on things also. In the public court of opinion it is hard to hold defensible positions which are open to interpretation. ‘Psychosis is brain damage’ stylistically I like the joust this statement implies when you convey this information to others. Still I fully believe psychosis to be brain damage as supported by the current state of science and available evidence.

Quite to the contrary, if anything if it probably increases BDNF. (I fully understand that you are joking) :upside_down_face:

The more confused your insights into the nuances of the research the greater the space you entertain to make new neural connections.

Healing is in the process!


There are so many different AP’s that it is hard to make generalizations about them. The same med can have different effects on different people. You get very different effects in the way Trazodone affects some people. I knew a guy who could take any amount of Stellazine, and it did nothing to him. Just a little of that stuff turns me into a zombie. But I believe the conclusion made by the conductors of this study. My writing is hopelessly bad when I am on a typical AP, and I can write fairly well on an atypical AP. I’m like a zombie when I am on a typical AP.

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No. I was being hypothetical to try to explain what happened to me after 1st month on Geodon.

Never had brain imaging done before. I guess they don’t need to brain scan me. I heard a Neurologist mention something about “irreversible brain damage” or something like that.