Attracted to shadiness

I realize what is my problem.

I’m attracted to creeps and shadiness. I need mystery and craziness and creepiness. No wonder I’m ill.

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Damaged loves the damaged.
Chuck Palahniuk.
Same here my dear

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I mean for real?! this guy I like a lot is so shady and creepy, I mean the stuff he tells me and I like it?! what the hell?!

At least I know the reality maybe I’m creepy too you know

Embrace your weirdness :crystal_ball:
We dont have more than one life to live :relieved:

Also don’t listen to sarad

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If he abuses other people he is likely to abuse you. Get away from him.

It’s not that kinda shadiness.

Is your current boyfriend a “creep” or “shady?”

No. This is why i think of separation

Maybe you just want what you don’t have.

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I can not really take you seriously with this slogan :eyes:

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I know, it’s hard. LOL!

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Actually I get you Karen.
My mind is like a perv’s guide to pleasure.
Sometimes it scares me lol. I could never be with the good guy. Except if he would agree to come to the dark side. :relaxed:

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Your probably just looking for thrills that’s why it’s probably seeming exciting

There could be some truth to that. If someone else your with has struggles you feel less alone in your own

I’ve never understood this. I had no trouble finding a date when I was a complete douchebag (using, selling, etc.). When I sobered up and cleaned up, women practically fled my vicinity.


I traded my friends car to a crack dealer for about $70.00 worth of crack without informing him.
What time do you want me to pick you up on Saturday night?


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