Attitude and getting a child a drink of water

I mean, it is an easy task to get someone a drink of water but asking someone with a bad attitude, you’d think you were asking them to climb Mt. Everest. Or getting “You don’t need a drink of water, you are just asking to irritate me.” Sure, I go dry until I’m blood thirsty.

Young whippersnappers!!

When I asked my dad for a drink of water when I was a kid he would yell back, what’s the matter with you? Are your legs broken or something?

Sometimes I get my son what he asks for. Other times I nicely say: You can do that yourself, I’m busy.

Because I was a hyper little guy, it was more fun to try and do stuff like this for myself. But then I ended up climbing up the front of the cupboards and playing with everything I saw on the counter tops and on and on.

For a while I thought my name was No-No. “Oh no-no, don’t do that. No-no, don’t throw that, No-no, don’t chew on that, No-No, I’ll get it. No-No, climb down please.” :stuck_out_tongue: