Attention and concentration

Do you do anything to improve your attention and concentration?

I practice yoga… So, it helps me stay sane

Yes, eating moderately and brisk walks…

I take fish oil. It really helps me a lot. Nothing fancy, just plain old fish oil off Amazon.


i think its good to have positive things to concentrate on, the better the thing i think the more you will invest your attention,

obviously there are some drawbacks to meds though like side effects and concentration could be affected but i have found that with the right med and/or dose its not too bad for me, my eyes get sore though and that is a hinderance as well.

I make origami. It helps me hone my focus.

How many milligrams of EPA + DHA do you take per day?

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I’m not sure. My bottle of fish oil is with my meds nurse. She fills my weekly pill minder for me and I don’t remember the stats on the fish oil I bought. I do remember getting one that was basic and affordable. And like a 90 day supply.

Do you take one pill a day?

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Thanks to everyone for their experience

Do you get the after taste of fish? I vaguely remember trying and that was why I quit.

yes, I take it in the morning with my other meds. It’s a rather large pill.

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