Attending a seminary (religious school)

So last night I emailed the admissions director of a Russian orthodox seminary that is located in New York State and asked him whether people who have psychosis like myself can be admitted to study orthodox faith. Seminary is mainly for future priests…waiting to hear from him and I told him about my encounter with an Angel and a demon at a church at night. Do you think I have a chance?

You may have scared them off with your angels and demon story…

Existence of Angels is one of the main reasons that I am interested in learning everything about the orthodox faith. Orthodox faith teaches about it. I am really obsessed with how the Angels are drawn in churches, on icons and in art. I also told the admissions director that I get monthly injections.

Be careful…Russian orthodox practices exercism I’ve heard it gets ruff…

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Just make sure you are pursuing this because you want to be closer to God, not because you had some silly delusion.

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The history of angels is cool…ripped straight out of viking lore…the Valkyrie is the proto angel…come to scoop the glorious dead and bring them to Valhalla …

You have a chance. Not sure if it’s a healthy choice. Sounds like it could seriously feed and ramp up delusional thinking on your part. I had a horrible time not getting involved with things like SETI when I had my whole ET thang going on. Please be careful about your health.

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I don’t think I’ll do it after all. The seminary costs money plus I think I have a better calling- working and helping my mom and sister to survive. I also have a Goddaughter who I want to send presents to and invite her to visit California when she grows up. I guess it’s all about the money so I just gotta keep working.

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Or maybe i should think about myself a little and do something that my soul desires - attending a seminary. Let my sister take care of her own self, she’s older than me and could spend less money on toys for her kids, because i work and send her money. I still think that i got to help out my mom with money as I grow older, what do you guys think?