Attended my 1st Tai Chi class

I will say- it was pretty enjoyable and laid back :slightly_smiling_face: even though I was pretty awful at it.

I was literally the only person in the class…. Lol.

The first class was free, but I’ve decided I’m gonna sign up for the two days a week schedule for the month of June!

Plus it’s only $45 for the whole month! (It’s $25 if you only do once a week for a month)

I’m glad I went and didn’t chicken out :sweat_smile:


Yeah well done to you. I love the look of tai chi and I have heard its a good thing so glad you liked it. I’m sure you’ll get better the more you do it so keep on keeping on.


Thanks a bunch :smiley:



You rock!!!

Good job. :smiley: And it’s perfectly okay to suck at your first day. It takes time to learn any kind of martial art/exercise.

I just found out recently that the VA hospital offers Tai Chi. I would do it, but I don’t own a car and it’s not in my city. (It’s in a nearby state/city).

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Curious as to what they teach. Is it like karate, kung-fu?

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Good job! Will more people be joining? I’m so glad you went!

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I am glad it went well

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Get that chi flowin’ yaaaas :muscle:

That is super awesome you went and enjoyed it!

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It’s like…. A very slow martial arts, more like energy work kind of… I’m honestly not the most knowledgeable on what Tai Chi is :sweat_smile:


Actually I’m gonna switch to the morning class. Since I was the only 1 who attended the evening class, the instructor is gonna cancel the evening class :confused:

So yeah there will be more people at my next class


Ok. I hope you enjoy the morning class.

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That’s cool! Something I want to learn. But nearest teacher lives at least 400km away.

good job! tai chi is like yoga … claim for the soul :smiley:

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I like to refer to it as slow karate. :zebra::zebra::zebra:

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Ive done it but it was a bit hard.
i like yoga better.


Sounds wonderful @Human!
Good going!

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Im jealous!! I did tai chi for a few months but the class was closed due to lack of interest.
It really helped with my routine and made me feel a lot more peaceful.


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