At what point is a "conspiracy" charge appropriate?

As far as using nefarious methods to break a person, the other people are far more guilty of that than me. I never singled anyone out, and I never intimated or stated in any way that a person needs to be hurt. Other people have done vastly more of that to me than I ever did to anyone else. But a conspiracy charge is a slippery critter, because it is hard to determine when a behavior is a thought crime, and when it is a deliberate action designed to actually hurt someone.

It might be because I haven’t been getting any sleep lately, and I’m really tired, but I don’t know what you’re talking about. Can you explain it more?

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When you’ve been off medication and stable off meds for about five years.

It’s just about something I am going through. It will probably subside before very long.

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Ok. I hope you feel better soon

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