At what point do you stop being a yes man

It may be my meds (haldol) or that I am cornered in my situation but I feel I need to change something in the most primitive kind of way

Do you know what I am talking about? In the past I called it catatonia but it’s not

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At the point you realize your the value of your time and worth as a human being.


If you mean by being your own advocate in front of the pdoc I say now is the best time to start. You need to tell the pdoc exactly what you want and that doesn’t mean they will agree with you but it’s important that your voice is heard.

This whole Psychiatrie system hangs over my head. Trying to make one a little bit better impression on a personal level is not always worth it. It may just be be locked up for a long time or play ball.

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Happened to a lot of us but if that is required to be functional and not wanting to end your life or hurt someone else then sometimes a lock up is what needs to happen.

Very few here can say they enjoyed experience but they or others are alive bc they did a stay. Sucks though!

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