At what age did you learn to swim , or can't you swim?

At what age did you learn to swim , or can’t you swim? At what age did you learn to swim , or can’t you swim? Although described as poorly coordinated I first learnt to swim at the beach at Pataya when I was 6. I mainly swim slow breaststroke , very occasionally doing front crawl. I swim with my head above water. I don’t like swimming underwater.

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Does doggy paddle count

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In an outdoor pool in Saudi Arabia at aged 4

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Swimming is the only sport I really like, spent a lot of time in the water

they throw in the middle of the pool.

Never learned. Was trying to in my teens, but then I had a traumatic experience that made me not want to anymore.

I learned when I was little but last time i went swimming I almost drowned hehe

About 6 and certified scuba at 16. I’ve always been a water rat.

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I love swimming. I love water. I am afraid to go far at the beach but I know how to swim.

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I can dog paddle or get around underwater but I was never able to learn how to swim properly. They tried to teach me the proper technique in high school but I just couldn’t co-ordinate the kicking, the proper arm movements and the breathing. The breathing was the hardest part of it; I could be doing the other things right but every time I turned my head to breath I swallowed water and lost my momentum. But not knowing how to swim the correct way never stopped me from body-surfing in the ocean a million times when me and my friends went to the beach every chance we got. Drink a beer, smoke a joint, and go dive in the ocean.


My sister and I learned together. I learned at 11 and she at age 9. I haven’t been swimming in many, many years now. But, swimming is something you never forget how to do.

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