At urgent care

Well now you know it’s just a virus so hopefully that puts your mind at ease. Drink Ginger Ale and eat some Campbell’s chicken noodle soup.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Ouch, I’m sorry. I wish they could help you. If you can afford it, this tea has gotten me through many a sore throat. Just don’t drink too much or it will make you poop.



Hope u feel better soon again … it could be antipsychotics if U just started …

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Thank you all for the well wishes; I’m sure I’ll be fine. Hopefully I’m not too tired tomorrow; I’m more worried about that than about the throat pain and body aches. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. 15+ hours, unless I call off from the old college and just teach in the morning at the new college.

I know it may sound weird but there is a home remedy that is very popular in Mexico and it has proven in my experiences to alleviate the discomfort of a sore throat. It only requires two ingredients that are often readily available. They are salt and water. (I’ve grown more accustomed to using sea salt)

You fill a small cup of water and add some salt. A half teaspoon should be enough. Some people recommend a teaspoon. Then you stir it, the water is usually advised to be at room temperature as opposed to cold. Once stirred, you pretty much just gargle salt water for around 30 seconds or so. Anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds should be enough. It will taste a little funky and make sure you don’t swallow it, mostly because it doesn’t taste good.

Within 15 minutes you should feel some relief in the soreness of your throat. It won’t completely fix it, but speaking from personal experience, it does help quite a bit. Hopefully that advice helps you some. If not, then I still wish you a speedy recovery. Oh, one last thing some people recommend you don’t drink anything immediately after doing it so the salt water gargle can take effect. After about 15 minutes it should be fine to have a drink.

(And I was going to add a crude joke, after debating it with my conscience, the little devil on my shoulder won… Just imagine you’re tasting Jennifer Lawrence or something.)

Oh no :frowning: I hate going to urgent care. I hope you are okay. Have you get it checked out?

Keep us updated @freakonaleash

Hey @mermaid1, good to hear from you.

I feel awful right now; it’s probably the flu. I haven’t thrown up yet, but yeah.

I taught this morning at the new college, but I just called off from the old college. I don’t have a fifteen-hour day in me today.

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Hope you’re feeling better today.

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Hey, I’m doing okay. I slept all day yesterday, which helped a lot, but then I laid awake in bed most of the night. I got just two hours of sleep this morning, so I’m a bit tired now and will be completely worn out by the time I’m done teaching for the night.

I have an hour and a half until my first class begins, so I’m having a bit of caffeine.

But yeah, my sore throat and body aches are gone. :slightly_smiling_face:


So glad you are feeling better.

Just saw this here.

How incredibly difficult to go with such little sleep.
Too Little sleep can give me symptoms and make me worse.i really need lots of sleep :zzz:.

Hope you catch up on some great rest.:two_hearts:

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