At the wal mart today

I’m checking out and the cashier don’t have conveyors, we essentially put are groceries upon a fridge of bottled drinks and nudge forward. Well this guy behind me asks if he could go before me since all he had was a 1 litre Orange Crush Soda. But then by that time the cashier had already started checking out my items. Turns out the guy behind me with a Soda, ‘I mean is that all you go out for and get is only a Soda’? He said his old lady made him do it. You notice how some people that are looking for the same thing you are in an aisle. Will be so helpful? It’s like they know everything about it. Two elder folks were in the ammo section and I said I needed this particular type of slug. They pointed out exactly the ones I needed. Going into Super Centers can be stressful and it helps to not be all anxious. Well thanks for reading and enjoy your night!

i like helping people , if i can get a can for an old lady or gentleman from the top shelve i will, not much talking involved, it makes me feel better about myself.
take care

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I went to walmart looking for ammonia (for powerlifting) and I was on my phone and ran right into someone…

I use to work at a walmart when i got sick, we were in the middle of remodeling and so i helped people find stuff. I haven’t been to walmart in about a month since i don’t leave the house very often except to pick up my medication and go to the doctors.

You can buy guns at wal mart here…still.

I used to buy Red Devil Lye to make soap. Apparently you can make something else with it too, and then it was banned for awhile so I couldn’t make any more soap. Like seriously, you can’t find anything with Lye as the main ingredient anymore.

in the uk wal mart is called asda. i did my shopping online there last week and had it delivered. much better than fighting ur way through the crowds. i only really go in person if i want some clothes or shoes or bedding, towels etcetera.

Ok, I have no idea about Wal-mart. I’ve never been in one that I can remember. My sis is the queen stuff comes to the house. Groceries we get at the QFC in the U-dist. We shop at 11:00 p.m. on a Friday when it’s not busy and we can watch all the going’s on with silly college students.

Did someone say wal mart its a place were normals hang out in there pj"s and birds feed in the parking lot why you shop. I ofton walk the roads for lost money near wal mart my old roomate works there cleaning floors at night. Not much go"s on the wal mart dosen"t buy for there stores

The food inside WalMart’s McDonalds is cold. Nothing worse than cold soggy fries + cold hamburger. :hamburger:

I used to work in retail. Helping people is absolutely the ONE thing I miss the most. I have extensive knowledge about technology and sharing that knowledge with customers is what I enjoyed the most. Until I started to forget what I was talking about while explaining stuff. I friggin HATE thought blocking. IMO it’s the worst symptom ever.

One time a few years ago (before SZA) I was driving in the Walmart parking lot and saw some guy apprehending a woman. Turns out she stole something and he was security, but before I learned this I stopped my car and was ready to assist her thinking she was being assaulted. The crazy thing is that nobody around them even batted an eye, paying no attention, just going on with their business.