At the movies

I think I want to get out this gonna make me anxious the whole night. Watching Dunkirk.


It’s supposed to be a really good movie!

I don’t understand anything :cry:

In the movie?! I thought your English was really good!?

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No it’s not that great. but even so I can usually understand what’s going on. Most of this they don’t talk and I’m finding it hard to follow.

Air, sea, land. The air bit mashed up in something not quite chronological.

Good film all the same.

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Who are the two characters on the train at the end?

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Actually, sometimes that can be a good thing. It means it’s not being too “formulaic”. I remember watching a movie for free at the central library starring Ryan Gosling and Carrey Mulligan called “Drive”. It was a remake of an old movie from the 70s called “The Driver”. Anyway, the remake didn’t have a lot of dialogue, but I thought it was really good. And have you seen “Gone Girl”? Really great how in the opening the director made it look like Ben Affleck’s character killed his wife. Awesome movie! I’d maybe like to read the book!

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The ending I cried as they made it home. Home sweet home. I can sleep in peace.