At the end of the day, everyone's just as important as a grass

I don’t think nobody’s kind of a ‘chosen’ and our importance is just an illusion anyway.

I respectfully disagree, grass is very useful, it helps to nourish life, one single piece may not seem much, but many together can fulfill a very important purpose.

I suppose the same could be said of people


I think my point still stands, all the chosen bulls**t and these don’t make a good people.

How are we not chosen? Of all the atoms in the universe, yours just happens to find the exact combination to bloom life. The chances of your conscious even existing is astronomical, you’ve been chosen to live. Just like everyone else in this mess we call life.

As for making good people, I can’t help there, most people kinda suck in one way or another

You say like when I’m here on this planet for a reason, it’s a good thing. C’mon I have a Sz!

What’s your personal reason to be here, what reason have you chosen?

True. Yet this importance we attribute to the human race is a way to cope with the feeling of dispair that stems from not knowing or being blind to the deepest meaning of existence. I recommend not falling into the trap of nihilism as it will only make your sympthoms worse.

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Nevermind. I’m a little off today (edit)

On these forums or in this world? Here on the forums, to have some kind of a place to interact with the fellow Sz’s. In this world being on a mission to live and let the others live too + doing something useful. In my case I make music and vision up better music softwares.

I Ment in life in general, those sound like very good reasons.

You need a cat @Heigen5

That would brighten your spirits. I’m serious. My point is if you are responsible for another life you may very well think less of your own. I’m just a Skunk so take me with a grain of salt.


I love cats, actually i’m a cat-person. The only reason why I don’t take a cat is that I want to travel and wouldn’t want my cat being alone. But hey, I have many neighbours who have a cat so I can have my cat-needs solved by going over.

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I like ferocious creatures like the Vietnamese Centipede or the To-Kay Gecko. If there not meaner than ■■■■ I’m not interested. Well that’s a lie. I love cats and dogs too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Loving is a social need. Szs lost at love and don’t want to try it again. That’s hell to know.

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