At the End of my Rope

Here too, didn’t like seroquel also had suicidal ideations and gestures, constantly. Was resolved on olanzepine and later abilify. But im not a pdoc, only expressing my experience.


I am sorry to hear you’re having a tough time @Cragger

Really hoping you feel better :heart:


Thank you @Patrick, wise words. There’s always a little light. I really appreciate that

@ThePoet I talked to a good friend last night, and I’m feeling a little better today. I’m glad you guys are here for me. Thanks

@Anon4 I’m going to talk to my doctor about the Seroquel. You’re the second person who is mentioned having problems with it

Thanks @makebelieve I’m sure I’ll feel better soon.

Thanks everyone, I could really use the support right now


How’s your physical health been? I hope you’re doing okay right now.


Hey @laetitia my physical health has been pretty good. I go for walks most days, and have been trying to go to the gym 3 days a week, though it turns out to be much more like one or two times. Still better than nothing I guess.

How have you been?

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So sorry to hear, @Cragger , wish you the best. Try to consider switching to Vraylar, I find the antidepressive effect much stronger than abilify.

I know all about suicide thinking, i have it in periods, please pm me if it get’s unbearable.
You will be better. The only good thing about being at the bottom, is that the only way left is up.


I always sleep depression over because it is slow to go away. suicidal thoughts pop up when you’re under depression. it is an altered state of mind slow to reverse. i lie down, cut communications, and wait. the thing to understand is that it is a different unbalance of brain chemicals. it goes away. observe what took you there and avoid it from then on. gotta kill the cause.


Sorry to hear this man you are so talented dude have you ever heard of post allergy depression I have this happen during this time of the year when the trees are just leaving causes me to think horrible things I finally had a doctor explained it to me the mechanics between allergies and serotonin levels basically the survival thing you really need to know is that you have to change your lifestyle just a little bit don’t spend time in front of your computer or your guitar instead go out and enjoy nature and visit with relatives I know how aggravating it can be to do these things but if you do it will cause a chemical arrangement and the Brain to stimulate more creativity so when you return to playing your guitar and being on the internet you’ll feel better and have something to rely back on when times are rough I hope you get to feeling better your friend Zen


Hey dude how you feeling today?

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Hey @Cragger i hope you get through this man. I know you will.

Abilify and latuda were weird drugs. They worked but didnt work at the same time. Symptoms stayed but i was still able to function. Maybe you need a more sedating med like resperidone or haldol or something. Check with your doc. But that might be whats happening.

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I’m fighting depression right now. I hope you get the help you need.

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Physically not doing so good either… trying to get some steps in, but not sure if I reach it.

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Thank you everyone for all the support and encouragement. It’s sincerely and deeply appreciated. I wish I could respond to each and every one of you individually, but I’m just too exhausted. But with a good night sleep, things look a little better today

Thank you,


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