At the dr office


My dr turned me down for Amphetamines by text today so I asked to see him ASAP and he had a cancelation. So I’m waiting in the office. Hope he has a good strategy to deal with the depression, fatigue and voices I’m hearing


Good luck to you. Glad you were able to get in ASAP. :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:


Dr is taking me off lithium and putting me on depakote. I also got some Prozac. Can anyone tell me about depakote? Does it make you sleepy?

Hopefully this works better than the Amphetamines


I’ve been taking Depakote for years.
It’s a very sedating drug.
But it is extremely effective so I choose to remain on it.


I am on it. I take one pill 300mg in the morning and another in the evening. It doesn’t make me sleepy.


Depakote didn’t make me drowsy, but it made me totally spaced out.


Anyone here on Prozac? Are you happy? Does it make you sleepy?


I take 60mg Prozac. Doesn’t make me sleepy at all. I don’t feel euphoric on it though. I don’t think you are supposed to. Just notice less depressive thoughts and for me less intrusive thoughts


Asking someone for “amphetamines” doesn’t come across very well. I can’t say I’m surprised your doctor turned you down.


I was already taking Ritalin, he thought that adderal and vyvanse were the same thing and wouldn’t work if Ritalin didn’t