At some point of time i feel aggression towards people

Ok so I was diagnosed with Schiz earlier this year,it was around 2 months ago that my mind started to develop some kind of aggressive spontaneous reaction towards people that i dont even hate or anything. Last month, i was in the living room with my mother, at one point i got soo frustrated for no reason at all, the first thing that came to my mind was to Harm my mom (Hit her/Stab her).I stood up took a deep breath in breath out and i went outside for a walk so i can clear my mind. I didn’t know that this was cuz of the Schiz, at first i thought that im being haunted by a demon or something, the same situation happened to me with my Father about 2 weeks later after the first reaction. Today i got the same attack fury within me on my cousin, i was out for some coffee when at one point i wanted to stab my cousin with the Swiss knife in my bag.I kept my cool once again (breathe in, breathe out) and went home afterwards immediately, on my way home i threw the knife in the trash bin. I need help asap, for real i dont like where this is going and i think that it can get a lot worse in the future. Can someone recommend me a solution/medication for this behaviour? p.s i am definitely visiting a doctor next week.

You have to tell all this to your psychiatrist when you see them. They’ll recommend a medication for you. We can’t as we’re not doctors.

But there’s quite a lot of meds to try and finding the right one is trial and error, so be prepared for that.

Definetely see a psychiatrist as soon as you can.

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Thank you! :slight_smile: I have heard about meds for lowering your mental state (Benzodiezapam for example) but i know that there are even Vitamin tablets that can help out with a certain thing, maybe someone with a similiar issue knows a solution to it. (at least til i meet a doc :-/)

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There is no natural treatment for schizophrenia. Youtube and the internet in general is littered with natural “cures” for schizophrenia.

The way schizophrenia is treated is with meds called antipsychotics.

Once you find the right antipsychotic for you then it’s possible to help things (a little) with natural supplements.

The med you mentioned is a benzo and they’re used to help with anxiety for a short period of time (they lose effectiveness when used long term). If they are used, then they’re used in conjunction with an antipsychotic.

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