At least I was cool in Highschool

Title says it all…

right? I guess life can’t always be good.

I’m actually pretty afraid that being in the ditch here will have scared me for life.

I use to think that exact thing and I think it contributed to my pessimism.

Its funny that I was such a recluse in high school that I didn’t even know that I was considered cool until years after high school.

High school wasn’t a good time for me. There were things going on that were troubling me. I was stoned most of the time. People sure loved to see me get stoned back then.

…and everyone hates me…

You know I get thrown outa these groups in real life too?


I think I helped a lot of people though…

I always thought I was cool for a guy who wore glasses.

I almost mastered the art of invisibility in high school.

Yeah, me too…

Can’t ever remember being cool.

There’s being useful, but people only tolerate you for as long as they need your skills.


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I always thought you were pretty cool, lol. Even before you helped me with all your computer knowledge.