At least I have my one roommate I get along with a lot

My other roommates are in the sober apartments because they never drank or done drugs in their lives much at all. While 1 roommate is in recovery other than me. He’s cool. The other ones are alright but it’s hard to relate to them because they just have such a different mindset than me. They’re kind of critical and judgemental and have little patience. But my one roommate whos in recovery is cool. And my female roommate is pretty cool.

That girl has been acting flaky. I realized she was really quiet on our date, I think she felt uncomfortable and she’s been isolating herself from me to the max since then. I don’t think it was anything I did wrong but she said something like “I’m not sure I’m ready for a relationship”. So I’m getting kind’ve lonely…but at least I have my one roommate. Can’t wait til class starts though, then I’ll meet real friends. I’ve been feeling slightly paranoid but nothing too bad…like paranoid about mistakes I made in the past but I’m not going crazy over it.


what will the classes be about?

It’s called

Filling the silence: news, numbers and poetry


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good luck to you

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Thank you very much

Hey TTP, maybe you and the roommate you get along with can go check out the local scene. Or you can go hang out in the local coffee shop—those are usually packed with other students if it’s near the college. Or go checkout local events like music, art, farmers market, etc. :relaxed:

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Yeah I thought about asking him. Maybe tomorrow it’s supposed to be warm.

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We have a heat wave in California—it’s supposed to get over 100 inland tomorrow. Maybe you’re getting some of our hot air pushed up north. :smile:

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It sounds like you’re doing really well to be honest. You’re having problems that normies have. That’s a good sign.

I think it’s amazing that you’re in school and fending for yourself.

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You haven’t been there very long and it seems like you’re adjusting well! Too bad about the girl, but there’s lots more people for you to meet. :slight_smile: One day at a time, one step at a time… You’re heading in the right direction and everything will fall into place.

Living with people who’ve never touched drugs or alcohol must be a bit uncomfortable for you, especially if they’re the judgemental type.

Don’t be ashamed of your experience though. It has helped shape you and will be the force behind your poetry.

I’m sorry they aren’t all cool, but at least you have that one guy there.


They’ve been better today. But I talk a lot and they don’t talk that much in response. Am I boring or are they boring???

You’re not boring. It must be them.