At a crossroads, make my world smaller, or explore and experience the world?

so last night i as layed awake waiting to fall asleep. i was thinking about my thread about downsizing my living situation yesterday. i actually prayed for guidance and direction last night, about what to do. which i rarely do.

anyways as i see it, if i move back to my hometown and get in some subsidized apartments, i can be very comfortable with some gov’t assistance and a part time job. it’s the perfect little enclave for me, with shops, restaurants, gyms, groceries and mental health services all within walking or bicycle distance. i wouldn’t even need a car. and i would be well taken care of. of course my world would become smaller, i would become a townie, and continue to know little of the world. it would be less responsibility and probably the wise choice, but i can’t help but dream about the alternatives. although it’s basically exactly the kind of place i would be looking for if i moved.

then there is the alternative, like continuing to drive, working full time, bouncing around travelling as i work. meeting lots of people, experiencing different cultures, maybe even picking up and getting fluent in a foreign language. when i was younger, i wanted to travel and take on the world, then sz hit and now i just mostly go places to visit family. i still have a bit of youthful wonderlust about the world and for some reason i want to experience, instead of staying home and working, and maybe taking tour buses when i travel when im retirement age. so i don’t know what to do.

of course if i moved into the apartment, i could still take my little road trips by bus, when money and time allowed. i would probably always be in tennessee, arizona, colorado, and florida visiting family though. i wouldn’t get to any foreign countries, and would be mostly seeing the same things just for a change of scenery.


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How stable are you? If you’re very stable, how long have you been stable. I would only recommend world travel if you’ve been stable for a significant amount of time

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just stable for a couple years now, still unemployed waiting for the right job opportunity to come available. not been stable long.

I’d wait then. You don’t want to get sick while traveling, especially if you don’t speak the language

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I spent 10 years traveling around the states and Canada. At the end of my journeys the wisdom I attained was that " there’s no place like home" . I needed to mature in order to see this. So my thoughts would be to plant your roots in your hometown and enjoy life.

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thanks for your advice and input @EARS . that really helps.

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