Astral Projections

It’s so real out here it’s weird. Anyone familiar with astral traveling?

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I used to frequent astral projection sites. It’s all very interesting, but I don’t think you can do anything practical with it, but I could be wrong.

Im not too familer with it. It sounds dangerous

Oh yeah man, I suggest you read Journeys out of The Body by Robert A Monroe… the entire book is him telling his stories about experimenting with AP… That book is amazing, I highly recommend


I feel like it leaves the body more valuable for entities to attack. If you seen" insidious" the movie,you’ll notice how they warn of out of body experiences .

many religious traditions support astral projection.
It is not uncommon.

I’ve got some e books on astral projection. I don’t have the concentration to read them so I have to get my phone to speak/read them to me. I’m very interested in astral projection.

It’s normal I guess…not too amazing after a while. Still unexplainable on the mechanics BEHIND IT…

Get sunlight and turn off electronics before the sun sets

In fact I am reading about it with the gnostic studies. I don’t understand it enough to explain. but there is a lot of interesting stuff about this.