Astral Projection is it safe?

Has anyone experienced astral projection and had schizophrenia is it safe? I believe it can make you hallucinate more when you have positive symptoms.

Feeds into my delusions. Not safe for me

There’s no such thing as astral projection.


It’s all hocus pocus mumbo jumbo.
I agree with @velociraptor, there’s no such thing.

No one knows what Consciousness is.
It might be a “quantum field”.
Belief and genuine love are strong protections.
Check Russell Targ.
Check REM Sleep.

Thank you will check it out

I second that it’s not real

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I read about astral projection as a teenager. If it’s even possible, I doubt it is something your average person could do

I have had an out-of-body experience after my accident. I assume they are in the same ballpark

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To me it’s just an aspect of dreaming, like lucid dreaming. Some people can be more “alert” during REM or sleep. You can become irritated by it, like you said, or it can cause sleep paralysis. Lately I haven’t been doing the AP because I have been through a traumatic event. I’m trying to stay more grounded…I read all sorts of books about dreaming etc. but in the end being grounded and having peace of mind is the best medicine.

I personally don’t think dreaming is unsafe, but if you become pre-occupied with dreams and the fantasy realm, it can add a level to the other-ness of life ie “Magical Thinking” and I think magical thinking can be healthy to some extent. Meditation, prayer, mindfulness are all healthy to some degree, but once you cross that threshold into desperation–trying to solve the meaning of life or summon beings that can be a trigger for delusions and paranoia.

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I third it.


Its just imagination…agreed.


I don’t try to do astral projection. I worry it might be evil. I have had a couple of dreams where I was conscious and knew I was dreaming and that was okay.

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