Assumption & Presumption about Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is an enduring and disabling illness is not an overstatement. However there is a misconception and misinformation about the illness. Most people especially stigmatisers are of the opinion that once you have the diagnosis you are sentenced to a life of misery and you will never thrive. This are stereotypes and which we must all not accept. With the right treatment and good protective factors a meaningful and fulfilling life is possible.

A combination of medication and talking therapy helped me however I am sentenced to a life long regimen of antipsychotic. I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in the 90s and have had 2 psychiatrist intensive care unit admission. It was a nightmare however it helped me and since I accepted my illness it has been much easier because I take my medication religiously and I have a partner who is very supportive. I must confess I have tried several times to stop my medication but the positive and negative symptoms became worse and it was unbearable.

I am very open about my diagnosis and it has cost me friends but I am happy for I know a good friend will always stay irrespective of my illness. I gained good friends too due to my frankness but I must say it was not easy to disclose it. Most people when you tell them they say whaooo and you still do what you do. I will never ever give up the fight continues “Its not over until its over”

Music help me to cope with my auditory hallucination and work help me to be happy. However my mood fluctuates regularly and it was an issue with my partner but she has accepted it because I cannot help it. Most times I want to be alone and it helps me. I have a very strong personality and I thrive in the face of adversity. I refused to be intimidated by stigmatisers and naysayers. I am who I am. Someone with a diagnosis of schizophrenia like any other catalogues of illnesses. I am not ashamed. Folks let us stand up tall for we are wonderfully and fearfully made.


Thank you for this. Good post!


Good thread. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.


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Best post I’ve read here in ages.

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You are welcome. Thanks for your comment on it. I really do appreciate.

Thanks Malvok. I love this forum. We will beat this scourge one day.

“Wonderfully” made seems useful. “Fearfully” I have to wonder about.

Because for the dozen years I have worked with sz patients, it is clear to me that they do seem to be “fearfully made.” And that may or may not be a “good” thing.

I used the word fearfully in theological context. I’m a believer and I strongly believe we are fearfully made by God. Is Biblical. Hope this helps.

Yes; I get that. But do you understand what that actually means? (Just wondering.)

Actually, you don’t need to answer. The question is better left in the “Region of Rhetoric” than addressed in detail among those who may or may not handle it all that well. :sunglasses:

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Great post I can identify with being strong in the face of adversity!

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Really good post! good for you!

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Very cool… it’s great to see a positive post. Thank you

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