I live in Southern Cali, I was just curious other than social security what kinds of help is out there for Schizophrenia?
Not necessicarily only financial help.
What do other states have to offer would be welcome info too :wink:

Vocational Rehabilitation helped me once. They helped me find the job that launched my current career, and they were only available to people with disabilities.

Do you live in California too? I would love something like this, is there a web site link? Where and how do you sign up for that? is a California government web site, right? I think this is the web site for California Vocational Rehabilitation:

They should be able to tell you how to sign up.

There is a federal program through Social Security called “Extra Help.” It’s an income-based program designed to help offset prescription drug coverage.

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Washington State University does a lot of studies… outreach… Med trials… CBT.

Our county has it’s own Mental health services and vocational training. is nation wide… they are always a good place to start finding what’s in your area.

That’s all I can think of right now… but there are more.


Sorry to post twice… but UCLA has a huge psych program

They might also offer some answers.

I just found out… UCLA has it’s own mental health hospital…


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I live in Southern Cali, San Diego to be exact. Mental health awareness is sharpening down here. Resources for people on social security is widening, like housing, group meetings and such. There’s a lot help from what I know but I’ve always been unmotivated to look into it.

Thank you all very helpful!