ASMR Videos for Positive Mood & Recovery

Just recently discovered ASMR videos, and I have found a very painful spot in my left audial area that tingles to these videos in a very positive way. I highly recommend you folks try and relax to some of these videos as they are extremely soothing!

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I tried it before but it wasn’t my thing. Maybe I’ll look into it again. Thanks.

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ASMR is very helpful to me, I use an ASMR app on my iPhone to help me to fall asleep almost every night.

It is kinda mysterious to me and have found great information about ASMR at the Reddit ASMR site, ASMR University website, and the ASMR You Ready website.

Some people respond to it and others don’t. It is worth a try though.


I watched one of those videos before but felt nothing.

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Why I do believe that I’m having fun. :smiling_imp:

Yeah i know mal, this guy’s full of horse ■■■■.


Man they don’t even care how sick I am

So when his dad’s behind bars I hope he doesn’t ask himself why.

■■■■ schizophrenia is all I can say… stigma… miunderstanding and all that…

Gotta distance yourself from those folk if you can…

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That video creeped me out lol

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Dude that’‘s cause this guys’ a troll.

And now his dad is going away for a long time

Because he doesn’t care how sick I am either.

Hah… the comments on this thread…

I’m definitely not gonna watch that ■■■■

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Me neither man…

This fool actually thinks I’m paying attention to the complete nonsense that he posts here.

Dude she whispers and starts cleaning your ears LOL

Yeah, this doesn’t help me much. No effect whatsoever, thanks for sharing anyway