Asking too many questions

Ever have that person in your life who just asks too many questions? Well that person in my life is my step mom. And she just shows the she doesn’t comprehend any of it, asking question after question until you get every detail out that you can think of and still more questions and no sign that she comprehends any of it. Yeah I hope she learns to repeat what she is saying and learn to empathize more besides just trying to drill people with curiosities of every fine detail she can get out of you.

Ok just had to rant about this somewhere because she is still talking to my Dad on the phone and I can hear every word and it’s just bothering me.

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Never answer a question that you can’t answer yes or no to.
All else fails, you can always say …‘uh, uh uh…I don’t know’ with a goofy look of concern.


I find that when I went to and became a trained listener that i had a cynical appreciation for proper listening. What I mean by that is when I have someone else attempt to listen to me I notice all the subtleties where they could be improved and it affects my emotions negatively. Oh well I feel better now though, my Dad just got off the phone with her and is playing on his phone. Gonna go talk to him and wind him down.

oh, a critic. the master of all?

Yes I am the master of all listening. Actually I just took the basic training and the course for SZ.

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The only stupid question is the one was never asked.

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Hah! There are some dumb questions that are better not asked, for example—
What date does Cinco de Mayo fall on this year?
Going into the Dollar Store and asking—how much does this cost?

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That always gets on my nerves. I bet you wish you could just yell “Shut up” sometimes.

However, I have one very dear friend who’s memory isn’t the best. She constantly re-asks questions as a result. I have little to no issue with this(unlike some other awful people I know… :expressionless:) .

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It’s hard for a person who isn’t mentally ill to comprehend what we go through. I think it is usually best just to humor them, but that doesn’t stop the questions.

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