Asked to leave Facebook

I was just told to leave Facebook.

My mum emailed me and said I embarrassed my family and that I do not understand how it works.

I have a old profile that I have been locked out of because I forgot my password and nolonger have that phone number and have been locked out of my old email address too.

It made me so sad.

I only joined to see pictures of my family and I get pushed away from them.

My mum said I can use Skype but nothing else.

I do not always do as she says or agree with her but I shut down my new profile I made.

Outcast …

I am so sad.

I have tears in my eyes.

I forgive her for my upbringing .

Maybe I will open another profile in the future and not add her side of my family.

I had about seven friend request from people I do not know but did not add them because I was advised not to add people I do not know.

Wishing you guys well.:two_hearts:


Do you have email? Maybe they can email you photos ?

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Should I join again and just un friend those who told me to leave?

I do not think it was ok for my mum to say this to me.

She has had her horrid moments to me but I forgive her and still love her.

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Then again my boyfriend does not like Facebook and told me he does not want pictures of him on there.

I am so sorry. That must feel awful. Maybe you can talk to your mom and figure out what she’s upset about? Hugs


If you want to be on Facebook then be on Facebook.

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What did you do? :confused:
Your mother sounds like a rude and bad person.

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I made a public apology and said I was not feeling like myself and I was sick.

She’s does not accept schizophrenic diagnosis but think she I have Aspergers.

I have had psychosis etc but she thinks I am just sensitive.

Over seven psychiatrist s have diagnosed me as schizophrenic.

She is lovely and I love her but we do not always agree and we have had lots of fights .

I forgive us.

I did not mention schizophrenia.

My brothers in Sweden refused to add me as s friend on Facebook.


I :heart: you @SacredNeigh7 I hope you get through this soon :two_hearts:


It is very sad to hear that your family is treating you like that… but remember that here if you need you can find a second family… :slight_smile:


I’m so sorry @SacredNeigh7.

I wish I could offer some good advice that hasn’t already been said.

The only reason I keep my facebook is to talk to old military friends and very few family.

A lot of my dad’s side of my family is embarrassed by me and don’t add me, or talk to me on there.

I just want to give you some hugs because I can relate.

Take care, :v: :heart: :hugs:


You were in the military, and they’re embarrassed by you? That’s awful. I think you’re awesome, just for the record, @SacredNeigh7 too and everyone on these boards I’ve never had trouble with.

I’m so sorry you’re having issues with your family right now, especially this time of year.


Thank you for your kind words.:blush:

Love to you guyzzz!:two_hearts:



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