Asked for my ID to buy a lottery ticket

I mean how ridiculous is that? Do I look 15 to you ? lol

You look beautiful and actually young,not under 18 judging from the picture you post b4

I think they should check for sanity before you throw money away.

I now consider it an honor when they card me for beer. Or are they just playing with me?

Based upon your profile pic, you kind of look like a pink circle with a white letter “I” on it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

When you’re older you’ll be happy when the card you! :older_woman:

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You should take it as a compliment. Most women want to look younger than their real age, right?

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I got carded till I got gray hair + some wrinkles. Still they look twice sometimes.

Whenever I shave my beard I get carded. Never now though since I currently have a full beard. :older_man:

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I am “older” I just turned 30 this month lol